Our Service

PFES Worldwide Logistics Corporation Services

offers a complete range of import and export services; we deliver a combination of air, sea, surface and all related services. We service all types of shipments and commodities and offer various options to satisfy all of our clients transportation needs. Shipments are evaluated to ensure that our customers receive the most effective and customized solutions.

Customs Clearance Services

We provide comprehensive customs clearance services through the Bureau of Customs for hassle free import and export consignments by sea, air and road at all major ports of entry in the Philippines. We assist the clients in the preparation of documents in relation to import and export including the completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments and delivery of the consignments at the client's desired destination. Our customs clearance services also include the preparation of documents to notify or obtain a clearance from other government agencies.

International and Domestic Forwarding

We arrange cargo movement and prepare and process the required documentations and perform related activities pertaining to international and domestic shipments. We offer cost-effective rates, wide choices of carriers and optimized transit times. Our forwarding services also include the Door-to-Door Delivery of the cargo. We can provide a consolidation of international and domestic freight, air, sea and ground transportation, customs clearance and direct delivery at the desired destination within the country.

Trucking Services

We do effective and efficient road transport services for the delivery, dispatch and pick up of goods. Our well maintained fleet of trucks ensures the swift delivery of the goods with the specified time period. The loading and unloading is carefully done by trained workers with various materials handling equipment.

Our Special Services

  • Agents For Cargo Insurance.
  • Buying Agents and Buyer's Consolidator.
  • Crating and Packaging.
  • Heavylift Specialist.
  • Project Cargo Handling.
  • Tariff and Tax Consultancy.
  • Warehousing, Storage and Cargo Distribution.